It's always amusing to watch people get the vapors over a stock market drop of a couple hundred points. One would think that there was something wrong. What adds to our amusement, though, is converting those raw numbers into percentages and seeing just how pitifully insignificant these drops are.

Take, for example, today's little hiccup. Market watchers would have you believe that 139 points amounts to something. Naturally, what they do not tell you is every bit as significant as what they do tell you. (Although, to be fair, they did slip that into this particular article.) In this instance, that 139-point "plunge" amounted to.... grab ahold of your seat.... a whopping 1.3% drop.

It's enough to make us take to our bed.

(And these hysterical cretins are supposed to be the "captains of industry", guiding our economic ship through fair weather and foul? Puh-lease.)


At 10:22 AM, May 12, 2010, Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

Couple years back I pulled all my stuff out of stock funds and put it in hi-yield bonds & securities, but I doubt it matters the way the Obamatons are planning to print & spend U.S. into insolvency:
It doesn't matter if your stock portfolio went from being worth $200 to being worth $28 M at retirement, if the money's been so inflated that it's not enough to buy a freaking toaster!


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