Another Bailout

Someone once said that it is the unnecessary rules that weaken the necessary ones. In similar fashion, it is the unnecessary bailouts that weaken the argument(s) in favor of the necessary ones.

As all the corporate fat cats line up to the trough to get "their share" of the trillions in funny money that the Congress is doling out in their latest vote-buying scheme, it seems that there is yet another group waiting in the wings for a bailout. And if they don't get bailed out, the economy really will go down the crapper.

It's the taxpayers.

Who's going to bail them out?


At 6:29 AM, November 26, 2008, Blogger Ted said...

Yeah f***in' 'ey:
Since the Treasury Department and ol' Ben Burn-the-bank-e believe so strongly in "freedom of the press", why pay taxes anyway?
Just run off whatever you think you need to bribe for the day.

*removes tongue from cheek*


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