No Hope For Change

The analysis of the recent election is largely over, and we see no need to be beating a dead horse. Moving right along, it seems time for some predictions for the new administration:

-- Affirmative Action will return, with a vengeance. Any opposition to it will be dismissed as 'racism". In fact, any and all opposition to the administration's policies will be dismissed as 'racism".

-- White, heterosexual, Christian males will be increasingly marginalized.

-- In keeping with Hollyweird's obsession with political correctness, there will be major Black characters in every TV show.

-- The Patriot Act will be abused in ways its harshest critics might not have imagined.

-- The current recession will deepen into a depression, from which this country will not recover.

-- Christmas at the White House will be supplanted by Kwanzaa. What little mention of Christmas there is will include a Black Santa.

-- What started in the '60s as "Black Pride" (and what should have been properly Black self-respect but devolved all to quickly into Black arrogance) will make its return. The charge will be led by Black females, largely uneducated, and with a chip on their shoulder the size of a telephone pole.

-- And remember all those crappy "generic" products from the '70s? All that stuff that had no taste or fell apart? They're already back.

-- Tawana Brawley will win the Nobel Peace Prize. (OK, we're only kidding with this one. Apparently, we've been reading too much Ann Coulter.)

The frog is in the pot, and the water is getting hotter.

God help America.


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