No Such Thing As A Dumb Question?

People have been saying that for years, but..... (Of course, we hasten to remind people of the commercial where the guy asks "Do you want a pain reliever that works?". Yeah, like you've ever gone into a drugstore and said "Man, I've got a headache! Give me some of that placebo in the blue box.")

But we digress....

The Old Sarge reports going into a store on the Saturday after Christmas (Dummy! How many times do we have to tell you.....?) and hearing an old favorite: "Are you finding everything all right?".


First of all, Sarge wasn't looking for "everything". In fact, he wasn't looking for anything in particular. Secondly, he found quite a number of things that weren't "all right". So what's with the dumb question? Whatever happened to a simple "Can I help you?"? Maybe that's too simple.

Has Atlas shrugged yet?

Coming tomorrow (or as soon as we feel like it): the annual awards.


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