Dumb & Dumber

Reporting on Monday's quake in California, Fox News Channel's Trace
Gallagher says that rescuers were still "looking for potential victims".
Hey, Trace -- get a clue. Anyone they find in that mess already is a

This is as bad as all those morons in the media who refer to
someone as a "possible suspect". Have we really gotten that stupid in
this country? Either the police think the guy did it -- in which case
he's a suspect -- or they don't think he did it -- in which case he's not
a suspect. Kind of like being "a little bit" pregnant.

We wonder if Trace went to government schools?

He didn't know they were there????

So some idiot gets arrested by the security screeners in an airport with a
razor blade and a hacksaw blade(!) in his shoe. His defense? He didn't
know they were there.



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