Stupid Quote Of The Month

Somewhere in all our reading yesterday, we came across another one of those ridiculous phrases that could only have been cooked up by some lunatic lefty:

"Our strength is in our diversity."

(Unfortunately, we neglected to bookmark the site.)

Somehow, the phrase e pluribus unum ("out of many, one") comes to mind. Contrary to what the collectivists of the world would have you believe, our strength is in our unity. It was not without cause that the Founding Fathers named this country the United States of America, and not the Diversified States of America.

This is why our enemies -- both foreign and domestic -- are forever trying to divide Americans into groups. If they can get you to focus on your group identity, they can get you to forget your individual identity. Beyond that, they can get you to forget that we are all supposed to be Americans -- without any hyphen.


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