A Most Excellent Suggestion

Shortly after we read this for the fourth time, we came across this. Lem's last line got us to thinking: The problem is not that God has abandoned America, but that America has abandoned God.

Let's face it: the overwhelming majority of Americans are of the Christian persuasion. The entire American experiment is based on northern European concepts of justice, and Judeo-Christian morality. Unfortunately, too many have been seduced by the siren song of socialism, with its accompanying blend of amorality and immorality.

Even if it's only once a day, it would be a very good idea for Americans to pray that perhaps -- just perhaps -- this country isn't too far gone to be saved. It's the only hope this country has.


At 9:06 AM, April 19, 2008, Blogger Ted said...

Prayer is a good start.
Forsaking the harlot of denominationa lreligion and getting back to the Bible as the only rule of belief and practice would be better.
It's becoming clear that no solution will arise from the political machine, because it is a gigantic part of the problem!

At 5:02 PM, May 07, 2008, Blogger Ted said...

Hey MDS...You still there?
Thanks for encouraging me to not give up on the comment section.
Come back, anytime!


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